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Your paving is often the first thing you think of when planning your landscaping project. We are highly experienced and skilled in laying a number of different paving types, and can help you find the right type for you. We are specialist in laying sandstone and porcelain in various shapes and patterns, to give your outdoor space the perfect canvas.

Artificial turf gives a great hard wearing and low maintenance alternative to natural turf. 

Artificial Turf
Raised beds

Raised beds add a way to create separate areas or garden room spaces. These can be created in various materials, such as sleepers, rendered brickwork or clad in tiles.  These can also be used to create vertical interest and provide spaces to plant higher up. 

To personalise and enhance your space add lighting and decorative items. Steel wall art and screens add a touch of luxury and interest to any space. 

Also adding decorative fencing or screens in horizontal slats add a modern twist.

Lighting and decor
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